Article: Shark Fin Consumption in China

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Claim: China’s consumption of shark fin threatens world shark population

Origin: Wildaid Worldwide campaign against the overfishing of sharks for their use in shark fin soup which was a popular dish in many Chinese cities and was supported by Chinese celebrities such as Bowie Wu, Yao Ming, Jay Chou.


  • Shark fin consumption has fallen by more than 80% in China.
  • According to a survey conducted by WildAid in 2006, 25% of Chinese people were not aware that shark fin was even made from sharks since the official term for the soup in Mandarin is translated as “fish wing soup”.
  • Most people were not aware of the horrible fishing practices involved with Shark fins
  • In 2016, There was a follow-up survey of Chinese residents to measure changes in attitudes and awareness toward shark conservation. The survey found that 93% of respondents had not consumed shark fin in the previous 6 years. Nearly 80% had seen WildAid campaign messages, and 98.8% agreed that the messages successfully raised awareness about shark protection and the need to reject shark fin consumption.

Wild Aid