Article: Border Disputes with India

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As of beginning of November 2020, Indian officials admit loss of 300 sq. km exclusively patrolled by India.

As of end of August 2020, Indian media claim India is still asking for a return to status quo Somehow after “winning”, the status quo is even more in China’s favor than before with Chinese advances in many areas. 1000 sq km worth

Post Indian “victory” in no firearm skirmish (but at the same time “no intrusion”)…India alone forced to change entire policy to now use firearms [1].

Chinese Structures, Soldiers Spotted In Galwan Valley In New Satellite Image [2]

“The government official in Delhi also said bodies of some soldiers were fished out of the river the next morning” [3]

The river flows into India, but only Indians bodies were being fished out. How miraculous.

Indian media claim both withdraw a bit, leaving Indians to wonder why Chinese were still there and both withdraw weeks later if India “won” the clash [4]

For some reason unable to replicate Galwan “win” at Depsang Plains [1] and Pangong Tso [2]

Indian media update, months later in August “Nothing has changed since these developments I reported 4 days ago. China unmoved so far. China refusing to even discuss the Pangong standoff in Ladakh disengagement talks; Meanwhile in Depsang, it has scaled up transgressions not just in number & frequency, but also strength and duration. I report with details:” [1]

You can always make up another glorious battle win. Explaining to Indians who believe, why there’s all these discussions and India cannot dictate anything after winning, is harder.

Fake Chinese casualties. Should be enough to help Indians cope though.

43 Chinese soldiers killed? Media outlets and journalists mislead [1]

Names Of 56 Former PLA Generals Viral As Slain Chinese Soldiers: list taken right out of a Wiki page [2]

Chinese FM: allegation by Indian media that “at least 40 Chinese soldiers were killed” is FAKE NEWS [3]

Indian media use 1962 cemetary in Xinjiang as fake Chinese casualties [4] [5] [6]

End result for Doklam dispute through satellite imagery [1] [2]